Nightclub Owners need to look beyond just pricing when seeking cover…

It’s that old chestnut ! Do you just go for the cheapest price or do you look beyond that ?

Nightclubinsurance-uk knows that in these difficult times when most Club Owners are having a hard time it is easy to go for the cheapest option. But is this the wisest decision?

There are numerous insurers in the marketplace with varying degrees of respectability. We know them all so when Nightclubinsurance-uk propose nightclub insurance to our clients we make sure the insurer is solid and, in the event of a claim, it will be paid promptly.

But this solution might not necessarily be the cheapest. Do you therefore want security at a higher price or take a risk at a lower price?

Unfortunately there is no true and trusted answer as nightclub owners fall in both camps. From Nightclubinsurance-uk’s perspective we will always offer quality cover with trusted insurers but if a nightclub owner requests cheap and budget cover we can offer that as well but with the relevant warnings on the tin !

The decision is yours…

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