Sex, Drugs and Firework displays and Nightclub Insurance…

Do you know what happens in the VIP Rooms in Lap Dancing venues? Might sex be on offer and how does this impact on the Club and its insurance cover?

What happens if a nightclub gets ‘tagged’ as a place that has a lax policy on drug control? Will your insurance company pay your claim when the time comes? Our Team at Nightclubinsurance-uk has seen this issue countless times !

When your super cool DJ decides to carry out a firework display at your Club do you panic in fear or do you rub your hands in glee at the prospect of more income for your Club? Oh… and what about your insurer ? – how will they view this?

At NightClubInsurance-uk it is our job to make things happen and find solutions for you. Some we can’t but most of the time we do.

If your VIP room is getting a little colourful, talk to us and we’ll advise you what to do. If you think drugs might be an issue, you’re not alone, so again, get in touch with us. And, yes… that famous DJ.. if pyrotechnics and fire are his thing, NightClubinsurance-uk will endeavour to make sure your nightclub insurance policy is accommodating.

Nightclubinsurance-uk aims to make your life easier so when choosing nightclub insurance make sure you partner with someone who has a flexible attitude and can get things done…

For any advice on nightclub insurance contact: nightclubinsurance-uk.loc