Bouncers ? Door Supervisors please..

Nightclub doormen have written to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) complaining that they feel insulted by its description of them as “bouncers”.

National Doorwatch, a group representing more than 6,000 British nightclub doormen, claims the term is not only “offensive” but also “demeaning and inappropriate”, and requests they they be known instead as ‘door supervisors’.

The OED currently defines “bouncer”, in this context, as “one engaged to eject undesirable or unruly persons from a saloon, ballroom, etc: a chucker-out”.

In response to Doorwatch’s letter, an OED spokesman said: “We are monitors of the language, not linguistic policemen, and our concern is simply the completeness of the historical record. If hardly anyone uses ‘bouncer’, we’ll consider marking it as rare – but that’s not the case at the moment. If there’s a general acceptance that it has been superseded by another word, then we’ll note that”.

Ian Fox, chairman of Doorwatch said: “ The term is anachronistic, inappropriate and downright offensive to the new, modern, highly regulated profession of door supervision”.

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