Dare you leave gaps in your cover?

Nothing is more difficult to manage than the conduct of 100’s of Party-Goers. It’s hard to cover all the pitfalls having so many persons under-roof brings, yet you need to ensure their safety is assured. You need good nightclub insurance protection. CCTV cameras and eagle eyed security staff keep horse play and shoulder surfing to a minimum, but there is threat of injury to patrons everywhere. Glass bottles, stilettos ‘n’ stairs, normal people who turn into thugs with the application of alcohol, spiked drinks, asthmatic attacks, seizures all can stand against you. There are the actions of your own staff too, necessitating the right protection to be acquired before the neon bulb flickers.

No matter how well you conduct staff training in preventative service, their agenda to make you money, will see you prone to suing by the alcohol poisoned patron. You can do everything to avoid, but the nasty still occurs, and there is little option, but to insure against their occurrence in your nightclub. Effective management still sees the unwanted, your neon sign should bring you pride, not anxiety. Knowing there is cover with effective insurance will rid fears, and allow you to enjoy the entertainment empire you possess, know that every smile, every dance floor snog is down to you.

Other business people see the nightclub as the perfect business model, with all staff paid before a drink is poured. Prove them right by being backed up with an insurer or broker experienced in the industry, who explains the ins and outs, so when ‘all that can… does…’ you get the cash to bring things back even.

Health and safety reports will point out many pitfalls, but you can’t very well make child-proof every edge, padding just wouldn’t fit in with what is in essence an adult environment where mollycoddling isn’t exactly the hardcore nonstop thrills the punter seeks. It would detract from the good looking premises you need to maintain to stay as the ‘in’ place over the long-term. You need insurance too to keep the nightclub there over the long haul. Personally you need to acquire it cost effectively, and know too that when you need its backup, your insurance provider will not find a loop hole to avoid paying out.

Trusting your broker is as important as having affordable insurance so make sure that the nightclub insurance provider you choose is on the same page. Some insurers shy away from the licensed premises market. Others see it as a cash cow when they fail to live up to their claims.

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