Public Safety A Priority

When it comes to applying for a licence, or renewing one that has been revoked, public safety is the priority of the police and licensing authorities.

Titan Nightclub Insurance, which handles policies for clubs throughout the UK, believes that an even greater emphasis is being placed on the safety of the public.

It cites an example of a northern club which lost its license due to a number of violent incidents, including a stabbing, which then won its licensing appeal, but only on the condition that restrictions are being placed on its trading conditions.

The club, which can hold well over 1,000 people, had to agree to a number of stipulations before it could reopen, including hand held and airport style security body detectors for weapons, and the mandatory use of plastics glasses. Furthermore, that the management of the club have to meet the police every month to discuss how progress on security and safety.

Chief Executive Officer of, Basil Tsapralis, said:“For obvious reasons, the police and licensing authorities are being very strong on public safety, and this is also being reflected in the insurance sector as well. Clubs are having to demonstrate that they have their customers best interests at heart and management who do not take the necessary precautions, will find it an uphill struggle to get the police, licensing authorities and the insurers onside.”
Nightclub Insurance is one of the largest brokers in the sector and handles the policies of numerous UK clubs.