Clubbers die at North London Nightclub – Your Nightclub Insurance?

Two young men aged 20 and 21 died probably from rogue ecstasy tablets last November at a north London venue.

DI Rita Tierney said: “Although it is too early to say what caused these men’s health to deteriorate, We are investigating the possibility that illegal drugs may have been used.”

Now, how does this affect your own Club and nightclub insurance?

A couple of points spring to mind…

Firstly, does your club have a drugs prevention policy and is it enforced? Door supervision is your first line of defence where they search and arrest persons at entry stage. Also, internally, both security staff and club staff have to work in tandem to deter any dealing.

Most importantly, if the Police suspect dealing is taking place they can close your club down. There goes your livelihood and which also may take months to re open your venue.

Finally a little hint… if your insurer has any reason to believe your measures are ineffective or lax they may decline to insure you which could mean you will have trouble finding cover in the future. Take heed…

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