Injury to Customer

If a nightclub owner engages the services of a doorman via a security company and one of the doormen hits and injures a customer who is responsible for the wrongdoing? Is it the doorman or the nightclub?

Generally speaking, Doorman Insurance covers the liabilities of the doorman but an employer is also responsible for its employees’ acts during the course of their employment. So what happens if the ‘employee’ (in this case the doorman) is supplied by another organisation?

In principle, if the nightclub exercises sufficient control over the doormen in terms of direction, supervision, dress code and follows directions from the nightclubs own employees, it could be deemed the doorman to be a nightclub employee.

Also the period of time could be a deciding factor in whether the doorman has been integrated in the nightclub’s workforce and culture.

A customer’s injury could result in court awards for hundreds of thousands of pounds depending on the seriousness of the injury, long term rehabilitation, medical care and potential loss of earnings.

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