Tips and hints for running a successful nightclub – an Insurance Perspective

In these clearly claims conscious times you will have noticed that you are probably paying much more for your Nightclub Liability Insurance than ever before and you may also have an excess which means that you are having to contribute a significant amount towards each claim. All this is off your bottom line profit.
Whilst most claims are reported within a short period of time some do not arrive until SIX months or more have elapsed. That’s why you must keep your records up-to-date and available. Keep your staff rota sheets for at least 24 months – it is imperative that we know who to interview in the event of a claim.
Listed below are several ways, but not all, that you can reduce your exposure to claims and keep your premiums and excesses to a minimum.
1 – Install CCTV cameras at strategic positions throughout the club and at the entrance. Most security staff issues occur at the entrance. Keep the tapes/discs for a minimum of twenty-four months. If twenty-four months is not practical at least keep the tape/discs desk of incidents for a minimum of twenty-four months.
2 – Keep the dancing area free from drinks and broken glass. Allocate a member of staff to clear glasses regularly and have a system in place to deal with spillages. Slips on wet floors and glass (Slips & Trips) are a major source of claims – make sure it’s not you!
3 – Have a clear and concise door policy. Keep out undesirables and known troublemakers.
4 – Train your security staff in anger management and conflict avoidance to be able to deal with difficult situations. There must be no use of the Full Nelson Hold – Remember your policy excludes deliberate acts by security staff. Always use SIA registered and approved staff.
5 – Have a regular rota for toilet cleaning. Wet floors in the toilet area are a major cause of claims.
6 – Ensure all sub-contractors, whether they be DJs, security staff, live acts or the repair man, have their own insurances. Your broker will help you check this.
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