Fabric Nightclub – the story of death and drugs

Last summer, two young men tragically died in two separate incidents at the iconic Fabric nightclub in London.  Fabric lost its license and closed its doors to the public.  Following the creation of strict new conditions and anti-drug policies, Fabric re-opened.

As a club owner, what can we learn from the tragic situation at Fabric?

For Owners and Managers of Nightclubs, the sad loss of two young people while clubbing reminds us of many invaluable lessons.

  1. Nightclubs have a Duty of Care – You want a club that is successful, busy and popular. But, you must always remember your responsibility to your customers and your duty to give them a clubbing experience that is safe.  You’re in charge of the running the club so make sure that you’re running a club where people can enjoy themselves, have fun and be safe at the same time.
  1. You’ll need a zero tolerance approach –Keeping your customers safe is as important keeping them happy and entertained, so make it your top priority to have a zero tolerance approach to drugs. Keeping drugs out of your club will keep everybody protected and you from possible ending up in jail.
  1. You must be vigilant – If you’re going to follow a zero tolerance approach to drugs, you must be vigilant. To have a drug free club and a safe environment, you and your staff will need to be alert, aware and above all, trained!
  1. Your License is your livelihood – Without this you have no club. If you’re the kind of nightclub owner that understands this simple fact then you’ll do everything to make sure you don’t lose it. Once gone, it’s usually difficult to get back.
  1. Your insurance would be invalid – While you’ve probably been practical and made sure your Nightclub Insurance covers your Assets plus Public and Employers Liability, a drug-related incident can invalidate your insurance. This can bring severe legal and financial consequences for your Nightclub, Managers and Owners.
  1. Your business could possible fail – If a tragedy happened at your club and it ended up being closed down, there would be a massive financial impact. Even though you’d have no money coming in, you could still find yourself with money going out to all of your on-going commitments such as payments to suppliers, staff, VAT and HMRC.   And if your insurance also becomes invalid because of what’s happened, you are financially liable.

Always remember that running a club means accountability and responsibility.  Make sure your business is ready by having the proper insurance (so you are FULLY protected) and by running it responsibly, with a sense of care to customers.

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