Nightclub Owners need to look beyond just pricing when seeking cover…

It’s that old chestnut ! Do you just go for the cheapest price or do you look beyond that ?

Nightclubinsurance-uk knows that in these difficult times when most Club Owners are having a hard time it is easy to go for the cheapest option. But is this the wisest decision?

There are numerous insurers in the marketplace with varying degrees of respectability. We know them all so when Nightclubinsurance-uk propose nightclub insurance to our clients we make sure the insurer is solid and, in the event of a claim, it will be paid promptly.

But this solution might not necessarily be the cheapest. Do you therefore want security at a higher price or take a risk at a lower price?

Unfortunately there is no true and trusted answer as nightclub owners fall in both camps. From Nightclubinsurance-uk’s perspective we will always offer quality cover with trusted insurers but if a nightclub owner requests cheap and budget cover we can offer that as well but with the relevant warnings on the tin !

The decision is yours…

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Sex, Drugs and Firework displays and Nightclub Insurance…

Do you know what happens in the VIP Rooms in Lap Dancing venues? Might sex be on offer and how does this impact on the Club and its insurance cover?

What happens if a nightclub gets ‘tagged’ as a place that has a lax policy on drug control? Will your insurance company pay your claim when the time comes? Our Team at Nightclubinsurance-uk has seen this issue countless times !

When your super cool DJ decides to carry out a firework display at your Club do you panic in fear or do you rub your hands in glee at the prospect of more income for your Club? Oh… and what about your insurer ? – how will they view this?

At NightClubInsurance-uk it is our job to make things happen and find solutions for you. Some we can’t but most of the time we do.

If your VIP room is getting a little colourful, talk to us and we’ll advise you what to do. If you think drugs might be an issue, you’re not alone, so again, get in touch with us. And, yes… that famous DJ.. if pyrotechnics and fire are his thing, NightClubinsurance-uk will endeavour to make sure your nightclub insurance policy is accommodating.

Nightclubinsurance-uk aims to make your life easier so when choosing nightclub insurance make sure you partner with someone who has a flexible attitude and can get things done…

For any advice on nightclub insurance contact: nightclubinsurance-uk.loc

How to reduce the cost of Nightclubinsurance

In these difficult times, every nightclub owner (and for that matter every business owner) is looking to reduce overheads and one of the 
first areas that come under the spotlight is insurance.
In our experience, we have seen that nightclub owners are quite savvy anyway but I’ll give you 5 tips that you may, or may not have, 
Tip 1. The obvious one is to shop around as there are now more insurers writing nightclub insurance. However, whoever you choose to go with make sure they have been doing this for a while and have the requisite experience as nightclub insurance can be a little tricky.
Tip 2. Take an increased excess. As you know this is the first part of  the claim you have to pay (in the event of a claim). Excesses can vary  from £1,000 to £3,000 depending on who you go with. (A little plug…’s excess can be as low as £500 which leaves  you with more options to obtain further discounts).
Tip 3. Re-evaluate your cover without diluting or decreasing it – in other words look at the areas that you can do without. We are not suggesting you underinsure but focus on areas that may not be of high importance ie., can you do without goods in transit cover ? Ultimately, it is a matter of finding the right balance between the cost of insurance and having adequate cover which is always subjective matter.
Tip 4. Correctly define your business. This might sound a bit odd but  tell us whether your club is a nightclub or whether it is a late night bar with a late licence. This difference will definitely affect the price you pay. And finally…
Tip 5. If you can pay the full annual premium upfront we will also give you a further discount !
So there you are… discounts all round…..! or is it drinks ?

Nightclub Insurance might be boring but…..

We all know anything to do with Nightclub Insurance may be not the most exciting thing on earth but it is a necessity and a requirement for Nightclub owners.

I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of the insurance policy in this forum but what I want to give you are 3 top tips you need to be aware so your claim is fully met when (and if) the unfortunate time comes along.

Unfortunately, some insurance claims are rejected by insurance companies simply because the nightclub owner has not adhered to or was not aware of his policy conditions. Your broker should help you out with this and it is also up to you to make sure you have, at least, had a look at your policy document (I know it’s boring but if you don’t it may cost you !). Because of the nature of your business all nightclub insurance policies have numerous conditions and warranties that you should be fully aware of.

So, Point 1 is to read your policy and make yourself aware of its conditions, limitations and your responsibilities.

The next area where a lot of nightclub owners fall down on is the actual application process. It is vitally important to answers the questions on the application form fully and without misrepresenting or concealing. A quick example of this (and I’ve seen this many times) is where the nightclub owner declares his establishment to be a late night bar instead of a nightclub. If you have a dance floor/area, charge on the door and have a late licence, in insurers eyes, it can only be deemed to be a nightclub.

This is the classic insurance company’s escape route to a claim if you have deliberately, accidentally (or otherwise) not answered the questions on the application form truthfully. Again, your insurance broker should be helping you out in this important process.

Point 2 – In your application form answer all the questions truthfully and without concealing or misrepresenting anything.

The last area where nightclub owners fall down on is providing back up information at the time of the claim which invariably leads to claims not being paid in full. No loss adjuster or insurance company is going to pay a claim unless you, the nightclub owner, can provide evidence of receipts, invoices and other financial information. Unfortunately, saying “ I paid cash” won’t wash with insurers…

Finally, Point 3 – Keep all financial documentation in respect of all financial transactions. That could be the difference of getting a claim in full or having it reduced.

Simple boring stuff but much better than losing money!

We’re always here to help out so if you need any advice or help get in touch on 0207 731 3700 or go to nightclubinsurance-uk.loc

Nightclub Doorman blinded by stiletto heel

doormanDoormen take out Doorman Insurance cover (Public Liability Insurance) in case of injury or assault to third parties.
Who would have thought that a member of the public (and female) would attack and blind a nightclub’s doorman when he refused her entry to a club in Edinburgh because she was in a drunken state.

He said: ” When I was on the ground she knew what she was doing. I don’t know if she was aiming for my eye but she was definitely going for my head.”

The assailant pleaded guilty and now faces the prospect of a brief prison sentence whereas the doorman has lost his sight in one eye for ever.

It is  advisable for any Door Steward to take out insurance to cover his own wellbeing such as Personal Accident Insurance or some sort of Private Medical Insurance.  Obviously Doorman insurance in this case was not sufficient.

For any advice relating to Doorman Insurance contact nightclubinsurance-uk.loc or telephone us on 0207 731 3700

Bouncers ? Door Supervisors please..

Nightclub doormen have written to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) complaining that they feel insulted by its description of them as “bouncers”.

National Doorwatch, a group representing more than 6,000 British nightclub doormen, claims the term is not only “offensive” but also “demeaning and inappropriate”, and requests they they be known instead as ‘door supervisors’.

The OED currently defines “bouncer”, in this context, as “one engaged to eject undesirable or unruly persons from a saloon, ballroom, etc: a chucker-out”.

In response to Doorwatch’s letter, an OED spokesman said: “We are monitors of the language, not linguistic policemen, and our concern is simply the completeness of the historical record. If hardly anyone uses ‘bouncer’, we’ll consider marking it as rare – but that’s not the case at the moment. If there’s a general acceptance that it has been superseded by another word, then we’ll note that”.

Ian Fox, chairman of Doorwatch said: “ The term is anachronistic, inappropriate and downright offensive to the new, modern, highly regulated profession of door supervision”.

If there’s any aspect of Door Supervisor Insurance you would like to know about, contact nightclubinsurance-uk.loc

Dare you leave gaps in your cover?

Nothing is more difficult to manage than the conduct of 100’s of Party-Goers. It’s hard to cover all the pitfalls having so many persons under-roof brings, yet you need to ensure their safety is assured. You need good nightclub insurance protection. CCTV cameras and eagle eyed security staff keep horse play and shoulder surfing to a minimum, but there is threat of injury to patrons everywhere. Glass bottles, stilettos ‘n’ stairs, normal people who turn into thugs with the application of alcohol, spiked drinks, asthmatic attacks, seizures all can stand against you. There are the actions of your own staff too, necessitating the right protection to be acquired before the neon bulb flickers.

No matter how well you conduct staff training in preventative service, their agenda to make you money, will see you prone to suing by the alcohol poisoned patron. You can do everything to avoid, but the nasty still occurs, and there is little option, but to insure against their occurrence in your nightclub. Effective management still sees the unwanted, your neon sign should bring you pride, not anxiety. Knowing there is cover with effective insurance will rid fears, and allow you to enjoy the entertainment empire you possess, know that every smile, every dance floor snog is down to you.

Other business people see the nightclub as the perfect business model, with all staff paid before a drink is poured. Prove them right by being backed up with an insurer or broker experienced in the industry, who explains the ins and outs, so when ‘all that can… does…’ you get the cash to bring things back even.

Health and safety reports will point out many pitfalls, but you can’t very well make child-proof every edge, padding just wouldn’t fit in with what is in essence an adult environment where mollycoddling isn’t exactly the hardcore nonstop thrills the punter seeks. It would detract from the good looking premises you need to maintain to stay as the ‘in’ place over the long-term. You need insurance too to keep the nightclub there over the long haul. Personally you need to acquire it cost effectively, and know too that when you need its backup, your insurance provider will not find a loop hole to avoid paying out.

Trusting your broker is as important as having affordable insurance so make sure that the nightclub insurance provider you choose is on the same page. Some insurers shy away from the licensed premises market. Others see it as a cash cow when they fail to live up to their claims. will look out for you with a Godly oversight, to set things right when they go wrong. Contact us on 0207 731 3700 for your personal quote now.

Public Safety A Priority

When it comes to applying for a licence, or renewing one that has been revoked, public safety is the priority of the police and licensing authorities.

Titan Nightclub Insurance, which handles policies for clubs throughout the UK, believes that an even greater emphasis is being placed on the safety of the public.

It cites an example of a northern club which lost its license due to a number of violent incidents, including a stabbing, which then won its licensing appeal, but only on the condition that restrictions are being placed on its trading conditions.

The club, which can hold well over 1,000 people, had to agree to a number of stipulations before it could reopen, including hand held and airport style security body detectors for weapons, and the mandatory use of plastics glasses. Furthermore, that the management of the club have to meet the police every month to discuss how progress on security and safety.

Chief Executive Officer of, Basil Tsapralis, said:“For obvious reasons, the police and licensing authorities are being very strong on public safety, and this is also being reflected in the insurance sector as well. Clubs are having to demonstrate that they have their customers best interests at heart and management who do not take the necessary precautions, will find it an uphill struggle to get the police, licensing authorities and the insurers onside.”
Nightclub Insurance is one of the largest brokers in the sector and handles the policies of numerous UK clubs.

Two simple ways of getting cheaper NightClub Insurance

If you want to keep premiums low, especially for start ups, there’s a couple of ways to manage this.

Firstly, like all other insurance policies you can opt to cover Public and Employers Liability only. In general terms, nightclub insurance works like other commercial insurance policies in that you can pick and choose the cover that you wish to have. Not many other insurance providers offer you this option but is one of the few in the UK that can quote you for Liability covers only.

Secondly, if you are happy to accept a higher excess (the amount of the claim you have to bear), say £2,500, you can get up to 15% or 20% off your premiums. Many of our nightclub owners have chosen this option to keep costs down.

If you want to discuss any aspect of your nightclub insurance get in touch with us on 0207 731 3700.

NightClub Firm in Trouble

Last month one of the UK’s largest nightclub owners which includes such names as
Liquid, Oceana, Project and others went into administration due to the economic climate.

We all know it’s tough out there and everyone is affected whether nightclub owner or not.

As one of the UK’s leading NightClub Insurance providers, we do our bit to help our clients and
prospective customers by providing them with great cover and really inexpensive insurance premiums.
In fact, we probably have some of the most competitive prices in the UK!

NightCub insurance is not a cheap product but here at NightClubInsurance-uk our prices start from as low as £200 per month.

Review your insurance cover if you haven’t done so for a while and you can probably squeeze some savings.
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